h a r v e s t i n g

Spring Harvesting [Image by Shunyao Zhang]
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Explore the space (space to start, arrow keys to move):

"welcome to harvesting" is a documentation of the iterations of Harvesting using the format of an old-school pixelated game.
Using the arrow keys, the cat is able to move around, interact with other animals (birds, dogs), and see pixelated images documenting
the events. Portals are placed to transport the cat the same space at different times.

Harvesting : Spring 05.08.21 (program) (eventbrite)
Taking place in the beginning of May, we had a diverse range of performances: music, dance, and poetry.
This all culminated with our improv jam at the end, with full audience participation.
Harvesting Spring 05.08.21
Introductions by Hillary Gao and Marlaina Riegelsberger
"ESTIA//reimagined" with choreography by Lydia and sound by Brouillet
Improvisational Ending by all attendees
Screening of "To give someone your weight but not let them move you" by Marlaina Garcia Riegelsberger
Poetry by Theo Armstrong
Guitar by Riyaaz Ray
Harvesting Spring 05.08.21
Photo credit: Shunyao Zhang

Harvesting : Fall 11.08.20 (program) (eventbrite)
This was the first harvesting, occuring at the beginning of November.
We had a restricted attendance in adherence to COVID-19 regulations, and had a variety of work being shown such as visual art, comedy, and dance
Harvesting Fall 11.08.20 Poster
"In Autumn" by Aaron Appleby
Improvisational Ending by all attendees
"To give someone your weight but not let them move you" by Marlaina Garcia Riegelsberger
Improvisational Ending by all attendees
Introduction by Harry
Photo credit: Shunyao Zhang

‘HARVESTING’ is a seasonal performance party where we share the witnessing/participation of creative processes by artists.
Everyone attending Harvesting is invited to share their work in informal performances and asked to participate in the ending improv jam, blurring the line between artist/creator and audience member.
Harvesting is intended to create a space that asks artists to test, experiment, or even fail-- regardless of finished status (many works shown are still "in progress").
Due to harvesting's seasonal nature, prompt, and location, it becomes an un-curatable community-based event focused on all the interesting parts of 'progress' and improvisation, while showcasing a variety of New York City artists within (and soon to be outside of) the pandemic.
Interested in learning more about who we are? Check out our websites here: